About Annie Sloan and Chalk Paint

"I paint furniture with my own invented Chalk Paint® decorative paints
which I first made in 1990. I named them Chalk Paint® decorative paints
because of their chalky feel, look and absorbency. I want you to enjoy color and paint your furniture and walls. I have written over 25 books on paint and color so this blog is about my paint, painting furniture, mixing colors and combining colors. Enjoy!!
Personal Annie Sloan lives and works in Oxford, England with her husband David who runs the business with her. Born in Australia to a Scottish father and a Fijian mother, she came to England to a farming life in Kent when she was ten years old. With spells in Southern Africa and connections to France, Cuba and the US she feels she has world roots. She has three sons all in their twenties and has lived in Oxford for the last twenty five years.

Career Annie Sloan is probably the main reason for the painted furniture revolution through her easy to approach, lively and creative approach to painting. She has a strong desire to communicate and empower people creatively which she does through her books, workshops and paint. 

She has been painting for over 40 years as well as writing numerous books on the subject. She has made her own very special paint called CHALK PAINT® decorative paint specifically designed for furniture, that can also be used on walls and in paintings. Her paint has been made by having a knowledge of paint, pigments and art history.

Annie trained as a painter but turned to decorative work and understanding color after university. In 1987 she wrote the phenomenally successful book 'The Complete Book of Decorative Paint Techniques' which was followed by over 20 other books on traditional paints, colors and techniques and has led to total sales of well over 2 million books worldwide and in eleven languages. Her latest books are the highly successful 'Creating the French Look' published in April 2008 and 'Quick & Easy Paint Transformations' published in April 2010.

In 2000 she set up her shop in Oxford to showcase her CHALK PAINT® decorative paint, run courses, and offer interior design services using her knowledge about color.

The photograph was taken by Penny Millar Contact her through www.photovoyage.co.uk


Paints and Waxes

Annie Sloan has been selling her distinctive ranges of paint since 1991.

CHALK PAINT® decorative paint is a unique paint in 31 decorative and historical colors made specifically for painting furniture, painting floors, painting 'blackboards' and for giving walls a completely matte velvety finish.

All the Other Stuff You Might Need

For painting furniture you will need waxes and you may need crackle varnish, gilding materials and decoupage varnish. We suggest our Complete Kit to begin or for a gift. For floors you will need our matte floor lacquer.

About the Chalk Paints 

Painting with our paint should always be a pleasure. Annie Sloan developed her now famous CHALK PAINT® decorative paint
to answer the need she had for a paint which would have many uses from acting like lime wash to looking like old painted furniture and that had a good range of color that could be extended by the user. This paint is very easy to work with and allows people to be creative as one doesn't get involved with the technicalities of preparation and it also allows you to change your mind without hassle.


Sherry Laub

~ Annie Sloan Chalk Paint Utah Distributor

CHALK PAINT® decorative paint

Workshop Instructor

    Floral Designer, home decor,  entrepreneur 

and business woman for 25 years.

Loves being in the mountains, looking 

at houses and being with her kids and 

grand kids. Happily married to the 

same man for 30 + years. 



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